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The Incredible Folding Electric Bike!

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Zipping around town on your E-bike is a hoot. It saves money on gas and you get some exercise, too. But what about when you want to go on a trip and still intend to ride your bike while you’re away? You may not want to fuss with an unwieldy bike roof rack or maybe you have a small car that wouldn’t safely hold the bike. If you are a frequent traveler, a folding electric bike is for you.

With folding electric bikes costing between $400 and $1500, there are many people who give pause in their consideration of purchasing a bike. Don’t let those prices put you off. When you consider that a bike can save you more than $2500 per year in gas costs, it’s easy to see where an E-bike will more than make up for the purchase price.

Those who enjoy road trips will find that taking along an E-bike will give them greater freedom in towns along the way. They can save even more gas by using their bikes to get around in cities and towns, especially while sightseeing. They’re even cheaper than public transportation. Depending on the hotel, you can just wheel your bike into your hotel room and plug it in to recharge.

Another advantage is that when you’re ready to get on the road again, you just fold it up and hitch it to the back of your car and ride away. If you don’t have a bike hitch, a folding E-bike will fit in a large trunk or the back of an SUV. Talk about convenient!

E-bikes are attractive vehicles and come in a wide variety of colors and styles. Anyway you look at it a folding electric E-bike is a worthwhile purchase and gives the rider greater freedom and terrific savings. Check them out at your local bike shop today.

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