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Electric Cargo Bikes – a new look!

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Are you planning to turn your electric bike into a car, or at least, one that will carry the same load? Is it possible? And the answer is yes, since that’s what electric cargo bikes are all about. This bike is a recent innovation and one that currently makes it possible for you to carry the same load, weight as you would carry in a car. It’s going to come in handy, especially if your routine work deals with making several trips round the town, picking and dropping materials, packages, luggage, etc.

Kona Electric Ute
With its existing model that has been for two years in the market, the Kona Electric Ute has certainly proved its worth with its full electric cargo models and through the form of its conversion kits too. It can effectively handle up to 220 lbs. (100 kg) of load and costs around $2599 approximately. Its models currently operate on three modes, read on to learn more:
• Power Mode: Covering 18 miles.
• Normal Mode: Covering 35 miles range.
• Economy Mode: Covering approximately 60 miles.

Gary Fisher Electric Cargo Bike
The Gary Fisher electric cargo bike model, namely the ‘Transport +’ is said to available sometime by 2011 with power packed components, such as a 350 watts motor, in-housed battery at the rear rack, cargo bags, and lots more. The extras that come along with Gary Fisher’s Transport + are remarkable and definitely worth mentioning: folding road racks, front and rear lights, Bontrager Transport cargo bag, fender, and double kickstand.

Urban Arrow
This particular electric cargo bike has already won an ‘Innovation Award’ at the Eurobike Show in Germany and makes it clear that electric bikes are here to stay. The significant feature of this type is that it has got the removable cargo box in front of the rider, which is capable enough of carrying around 400 lbs.
Apart from these ‘ready to go’ cargo electric bikes types, there are many other bikes available with the option of conversion kits, namely Xtracycle, Madsen, Work Cycles, Civia Cycles, and many more.

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