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Exercise in the city: hybrid bicycles

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

More and more people prefer to ride the bike to work or school, instead of taking the bus. Aside from the fact that bike riding is a great exercise for the body, it’s great for the environment. And if you are riding on the paved streets of your city, you should consider getting one of those hybrid bicycles everyone’s talking about.

First of all, a hybrid bike is a combination between road and mountain bikes, especially designed for those who love to head out on road trips. It blends the best features of both models, and the result is perfect for commuting on a wide variety of surfaces, including paved roads, paths, trails and other unpaved roads.

Hybrid bicycles encompass the upright frame of mountain bikes, giving the rider a more comfortable position, and the lighter rims of the road bike, which offer an increased speed. The tires are a little wider than in the road bike, giving hybrid bicycles better traction and a little more stability.

Not all hybrid bicycles are the same. You may choose from a wide range of models and narrow down the selection, depending on what you need the bike for. For example, the city bike is a model optimized for the rough roads city commuters are faced with. On this kind of bike, you will find a couple of 26-inch wheels, heavy belted tires and a more upright seating position. The frame will most likely be aluminum. Other hybrid bicycles include commuter bikes and comfort bikes.

Hybrid bicycles are the ideal choice for commuting in the city. You are advised to look for the bike with the best quality parts, because they determine how well the bike will function and for how long. Accessories are also of great importance. The bike can be customized to better fit your requirements. You can get a tool bag, a water bottle or a frame pump, depending on your needs.

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