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Electric Bike Conversion Kit System REAR - Direct-Drive Li-ion(Lithium-Ion) Battery
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Electric Bike Conversion Kit System REAR - Direct-Drive Li-ion(Lithium-Ion) Battery

Price: $1,460.00

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Electric Bike Conversion Kit
REAR Direct-Drive Hub Motor 500-1000w
Includes Li-ion Battery Pack & Charger

NEW 2013 Model with LCD Dashboard!

IN STOCK and Ready to Ship NOW!

Please Note: Li-ion battery packs ship separately and directly from Chicago, IL USA. Li-ion packs are shipped Fedex Hazmat Class 9 and require a signature at the time of delivery.

The E-BikeKit™ is designed for convenience, performance, and reliability.
With an LCD dashboard control panel and 36v/48v 12FET controller, the system is easy to install and even easier to use. Premium connectors and cables guarantee resistance against weather and prevent disconnection issues prevalent in lesser quality kits.

This premium e-bike conversion kit includes a hand-built wheel, built to order, using 12g butted stainless steel spokes and extra strong eyeletted double-walled rims. All E-BikeKit wheels are built by a certified expert wheel builder in Newportville, PA USA.

Questions? Call toll free at 1-866-882-3245 and an experienced professional salesperson can assist. Mon-Friday 9am-5pm EST. Outside of business hours get help fast via email. Click HERE

Wheel Size: Can be found on your tire sidewall
Wheels are built to order: 20", 24", 26", 700c & 29er available
Tire Width: 1.15"(29mm) - 2.25"(57mm) will fit

Bike Compatibility: Will this work on your bike?
Motor Types:
Direct-Drive or Geared - A side by side comparison
Front vs. Rear Wheel: Advantages & Disadvantages
Disc Brakes: Buy thin-profile disc-brake calipers HERE!

E-BikeKit™ Premium Features!

Blue Arrow LCD Dashboard with Battery Indicator!

Blue Arrow Intelligent 36v/48v-Compatible Motor Controller!

Blue Arrow Throttle-On-Demand w/ 5-Level Power Control!

Blue Arrow Eyeletted Double-Walled Rims & 12g Stainless Steel Spokes!

Blue Arrow Premium Cables and Connectors!

Blue Arrow “Left, Right or None” E-Brakes w/ TRS Connectors!

Blue Arrow BOTH Thumb & Split-Twist Throttle in Every Kit!

Includes Everything YOU Need!

1 x Hand-built wheel w/ disc-brake compatible hub motor
1 x 36/48V compatible 22amp 12FET brushless motor controller
1 x LCD dashboard with on/off, battery indicator & top speed control
2 x Throttles (1 Thumb & 1 Split-Twist)
2 x E-Brake handles (left & right)
1 x Motor cable
1 x Accessory cable
1 x Battery wire harness (kits w/o batteries only)
1 x 7-Speed Shimano Freewheel (rears only)
1 x Owner's manual w/ installation guide
***Zip Ties, c-washers & torque arms in every kit!

Hub Motor Specifications:

Motor Type: Internally Geared or Direct-Drive Hub Motor (ISO disc brake compatible)
Geared = 350-450w peaks / Direct Drive = 500-1000w peaks
Top Speed: 20-30MPH. *Contingent on battery and motor combination.
Weight: Geared 7 Pounds / Direct-Drive 14 pounds
Warranty: 500w Direct-Drive Hub Motors - 2 Years (up to 48 volts).
350w Geared Hub Motors - 1 Year (36 volt use ONLY & 200lb total load limit)

Battery Range Per Charge:

Expected range per charge is 10-40 miles per charge (with batteries between 9ah and 20ah, most typical on electric bikes). In general, range is determined by the size/capacity or AH(Amp Hours) of your battery pack. The larger the AH, the farther you will go under power on a single charge.

Other key factors in determining range per charge...

Weight: The lighter the rider, the less energy required, the greater the range.
Rider Input: The more you pedal, the farther you will go.
Route: Hills require more energy and result in less range. Less hills = more range.
Terrain: Riding on sand or gravel = less range. Smooth surfaces = more range.
Tire pressure: Properly inflated tires also make a big difference in range.

Charging Time: 4hrs - 10hrs (depending on battery size and charger). Chargers are rated in Amps per hour (usually 2-5amps). To determine charge time for your battery and charge, simply divide the AH(Amp Hour) of your battery pack by the Amps output of your charger. For example, a 9AH battery and 2Amp charger would result in 9ah divided by 2amps = 4.5 hours charge time from empty to full.


Wheel/Wheel Size/Motor Type
Front/20"/350w Geared
20 MPH (32KPH)
Front/24"/350w Geared
20 MPH (32KPH)
Front/26"/350w Geared
20 MPH (32KPH)
Front/700c/350w Geared
20 MPH (32KPH)
Front/20"/500w Direct-Drive
20 MPH (32KPH)
28 MPH (45KPH)
Front/24"/500w Direct-Drive
20 MPH (32KPH)
28 MPH (45KPH)
Front/26"/500w Direct-Drive
20 MPH (32KPH)
28 MPH (45KPH)
Front/700c/500w Direct-Drive
20 MPH (32KPH)
28 MPH (45KPH)
Rear/20"/350w Geared
20 MPH (32KPH)
Rear/24"/350w Geared
20 MPH (32KPH)
Rear/26"/350w Geared
20 MPH (32KPH)
Rear/700c/350w Geared
20 MPH (32KPH)
Rear/20"/500w Direct-Drive
20 MPH (32KPH)
28 MPH (45KPH)
Rear/24"/500w Direct-Drive
20 MPH (32KPH)
28 MPH (45KPH)
Rear/26"/500w Direct-Drive
20 MPH (32KPH)
28 MPH (45KPH)
Rear/700c/500w Direct-Drive
20 MPH (32KPH)
28 MPH (45KPH)
Please be aware: When used at 48 volts, the system is capable of speeds that exceed Federal Electric Bike Laws and your e-bike may become classified as a “motor vehicle”. *Laws and rules may vary by state, city and county. Check with your local DMV regarding electric bike laws in your area. Rider is responsible for researching and abiding by the existing laws in his or her area, Electric Bike Technologies LLC will not be held accountable.

If you would like help determining which hub motor and battery combination is right for you, please call us toll free at 1-866-882-3245 and an experienced professional salesperson can assist.

Li-ion Battery Packs

Electric Bicycle Battery Sealed Lead-Acid

All Li-ion (lithium-ion) battery packs are assembled in the USA!

Premium Features

Blue Arrow USA Craftsmanship

Blue Arrow Proprietary Phase Change Material for Long Life

Blue Arrow Comes in a durable EBK-designed rear rack bag

Li-ion Cycle Life: 1800+
(full to empty an average of 1800 times before nominal capacity falls below 80%)

Li-ion batteries offer the lightest weight, best performance and least expensive "per-cycle" option for powering your e-bike.

If you would like help determining which hub motor and battery combination is right for you, please call us toll free at 1-866-882-3245 and an experienced professional salesperson can assist.